Alarm Measuring System. Система аварийной сигнализации и измерения

1. The electronic and alarm measuring systems are designed for centralized supervision of processes on board ships.
2. Such systems are designed to meet the special requirements in marine applications.
3. The design of the alarm systems comprises a limited number of standard modules, and offers an economical and flexible solution for all system sizes — from small alarm systems with a few channels, to complex systems with data logging and alarm print-out functions.
4. The signals from analog and digital transducers are processed in the system and allow for simple and clear monitoring of process activities. The occurrance of abnormal conditions initiates audible and visual alarm signals.
5. Temperatures, pressures, levels, etc. are sensed by the analog transducers and are represented on a digital display.
6. Some further important advantages of the electronic alarm system are:
— All transducer signals are individually processed, i.e. by one circuit board per measuring and alarm channel. If one of the channels should fail, the rest of the system will remain uneffected.
— Data for each channel, time delay, alarm group, scale and number of decimals, are set by programming on each circuit board.
— If necessary the system layout can be modified by the customer, by moving the transducer connections, the corresponding circuit board and the transparent legend plate, without the need for taking the program-ming into consideration.
— Each channel can be equipped with separate lamps for alarm indication on mimic diagrams and analog instruments, for continuous presentation of the measured values.


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